Fed legislation would require immigration counsel for children, vulnerable adults

02/11/2017, Legislation, Immigration

HR 2043, the Fair Day in Court for Kids Act, would remove the 'no expense to the government" language from the INA's right to counsel provision, provide that the AG can appoint government-funded counsel to anyone in immigration proceedings, require appointment for unaccompanied minors and "particularly vulnerable individuals" (with examples given as those with disabilities and victims of abuse/torture), and expand the Legal Orientation Programs (including a 2-year pilot to provide legal information to nondetained immigrants with asylum claims).  Similar bills introduced in prior sessions were S2540 (the 2016 Senate version of the Fair Day in Court for Kids Act), the Senate Border Security Act of 2013 (S744), and HR15 (the 2013 "Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act") which had identical right to counsel provisions as the Fair Day in Court for Kids Act.


Read an article by the American Immigration Council about a former Senate version of the Act.


Nccrc_involvement_icon The NCCRC has provided support to some who have testified on some of these bills.