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Individuals Seeking Legal Assistance or Representation


THE NCCRC CANNOT ASSIST INDIVIDUALS WITH REPRESENTATION, LEGAL ADVICE, OR ATTORNEY REFERRALS.   THEREFORE, WE DO NOT RESPOND TO INDIVIDUAL REQUESTS FOR ASSISTANCE.  Please contact the legal aid organization in your state or your state's attorney referral program.  Emails sent to the NCCRC are not privileged and/or confidential.


Media Inquiries


Media requests should be directed to John Pollock, NCCRC Coordinator, by email or telephone (410-625-9409 x275).


Organizations/Attorneys Working on Right to Counsel on Behalf of Others


The NCCRC has gathered a wealth of information about the prospects for success in achieving advances in a civil right to counsel around the country. In appropriate circumstances we may be available to share that information and help develop a strategic approach. We can also inform organizations interested in this issue as to who else in their state is interested or working on the issue.  THIS INFORMATION IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO ORGANIZATIONS AND ATTORNEYS WORKING TO ADVANCE THE RIGHT TO COUNSEL IN THEIR JURISDICTIONS; IT IS UNFORTUNATELY NOT AVAILABLE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC OR TO INDIVIDUALS SEEKING GUIDANCE OR ASSISTANCE FOR THEIR OWN LEGAL ISSUES.


To find out more, please contact:


John Pollock

Coordinator, National Coalition for a Civil Right to Counsel

c/o Public Justice Center

1 North Charles St Suite 200

Baltimore MD 21201

410-625-9409 x275


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Becoming a NCCRC Participant

Advocates may find that joining a civil right to counsel movement can invigorate their work.  This option is only for organizations and organizational advocates interested in working on civil right to counsel.  INDIVIDUALS WHO ARE SEEKING A LAWYER FOR THEMSELVES ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO BECOME NCCRC PARTICIPANTS.

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