Civil Right to Counsel Bibliographies


The NCCRC has put together these bibliographies as a way for people to get more familiar with the civil right to counsel issue. Once you select a bibliography to explore, you'll be able to expand the table of contents to see what subjects are covered. Clicking on a header that has a number next to it (e.g. "10 entries") means that that header has entries directly within it. Clicking on a header without a number next to it will take you to a page showing you the subheaders of that header.


  • The introductory bibliography is for people getting started on the issue who want some good primers but don't want to get overwhelmed.


  • The comprehensive bibliography contains every law review article, study, report, paper, resolution, or treaty we're aware of, and is sorted by subject. It also contains briefs from key cases. Before starting to browse it, make sure to read about how the comprehensive bibliography works. Also,there may be a delay before the comprehensive bibliography first opens.