U.N. Human Rights Committee urges U.S. to provide counsel for DV, immigration

03/27/2014, Report, All Basic Human Needs

The U.N. Human Rights Committee just released recommendations to the U.S. as to how it can better comply with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). Among its recommendations (Word doc) were the following:


The Committee recommends to the State party to review its policies of mandatory detention and deportation of certain categories of immigrants in order ... to take measures ensuring that affected persons have access to legal representation ...


The State party should ensure remedies for all victims of domestic violence, and take steps to improve the provision of emergency shelter, housing, child care, rehabilitative services and legal representation for women victims of domestic violence.


Nccrc_involvement_icon The NCCRC contributed to a shadow report about U.S. obligations under the ICCPR.