Custody and Divorce - Cases

  1. Flores v. Flores, 598 P.2d 893 (Alaska 1979).

  2. Frase v. Barnhart, 840 A.2d 114 (Md. 2003).

    1. Briefs of Frase v. Barnhart parties and amici:


      Appellan's Brief
      Appelle's Brief
      Appellant's Reply Brief
      MD Legal Aid Amicus Brief
      MD Legal Services Corporation Amicus Brief
      MD State Bar Association Amicus Brief
      UBaltimore Family Law Clinic Amicus Brief

    2. Equal Justice Magazine, Civil Gideon Sidestepped (Winter 2004), available at

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    4. Ann W. Parks, Top Court Hears Argument in 'Civil Gideon' Case, The Daily Record (Oct. 8, 2003).

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  3. Gordanier v. Jonsson (Office of Public Advocacy v. Alaska Court System), No. 3AN-06-8887-CI (Alaska Super. Ct. 2007).

    1. The documents from the lower court proceeding are on file with the National Coalition for a Civil Right to Counsel.

      Docs from OPS v. ACS (appeal of Gordanier to the Alaska Supreme Court):

      Appellant's brief

      Appellant's statement of points on appeal

      Appellee Johnsson brief

      Appellee ACS brief

      Amicus brief ABA
      Amicus brief Alaska legal services providers

      Amicus brief retired judges

      Order for supplemental memos

      Order dismissing appeal 

  4. Kelly v. Warpinski, No. 04-2999-OA (Wis. 2004) (petition denied). The briefs for this case are on file with the National Coalition for a Civil Right to Counsel.

  5. In re KJP (Parrish v. Ronnfeldt-Mendoza), 727 N.W.2d 374 (Wis. App. 2006) (unpublished).

    1.  The briefs for this case are on file with the National Coalition for a Civil Right to Counsel.

    2. Jane Pribek, Case Raises Civil Gideon Issue, Wisconsin Law Journal (March 22, 2006).

  6. In re KLJ, 813 P.2d 276 (Alaska 1991).

  7. King v. King, 174 P.3d 659 (Wash. 2007).

    1.  The briefs for this case are on file with the National Coalition for a Civil Right to Counsel.

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