Dependency or Abuse/Neglect - Cases

  1. G.P. v. Marion Dep't of Child Services, -- N.E.3d ----, 2014 WL 982867 (Ind. 2014).

  2. In re C.M., No. 2011-0647 (N.H. 2012)

    1. Oral argument from In Re C.M. can be seen at

      Documents from In re C.M.:

      Parents' brief
      State's brief
      Reply brief
      NCCRC amicus brief
      NACC amicus brief
      ABA amicus brief

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  3. In re J.A., No. 45134-4-II (Wash. App. 2014).

    Case docs:


    Redacted Motion for Discretionary Review

    Redacted Response to Motion for Discretionary Review

    Redacted Reply to Response

    Redacted Ruling Granting Discretionary Review

    Redacted Opening Brief

    Redacted Respondent's Brief

  4. In re the Dependency of E.H., 2010 WL 4900974 (Wash. App. 2010) (dependency).

  5. Kenny A. v. Perdue, 356 Supp.2d 1353 (N.D. Ga. 2005) (dependency). 

    1. Shalia Dewan, Abused Children Are Found Entitled to Legal Aid, New York Times (Feb. 9, 2005), available at